• Danny Daire


    Male Burlesque Performer

Danny Daire- Boylesque with a feminine twist

Danny Daire is a Boylesque performer with a feminine twist! Looking for a male burlesque performer? Danny is available to perform at Burlesque events across the UK. Danny's wears red nail lipstick, black nail polish and fishnet stockings.

About me

Danny is a Boylesque performer with a feminine twist. Since debuting his Burlesque acts Danny has been entertaining across the UK on a regular basis.

My acts

Danny has 2 Burlesque acts. His debut act is 'Fallen Angel' the story of an Angel who loses innocence. Danny's second act is 'Love to You' an entertaining story of a bored house maid! To watch the videos of my acts please visit 'My acts' page.


To contact Danny for all bookings and enquiries please email dannydaire@gmail.com